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From the Winners of Britain's Got Talent, Attraction Shadow Theater Comes Love Shadow

Imagine a bespoke film about a couple's love story: a performance featuring personalized vignettes of their journey. 

The creative team along with a cast of 12 dancers produce an unforgettable memento of their wedding day.

Experienced both in person and virtually by family & friends. 

 #loveshadow   #revolutionarythinking   #greystonecreates   #thegreystoneproject 

Love Shadow

“This is an absolutely brilliant idea. My husband had them create a story for our 30th anniversary. I was completely astonished by what they made for us. It was so original and I loved that it was a bespoke creation that showed our journey together”


Camilla - Basingstoke, UK

“The story they created for our wedding left me and my wife in tears. I don’t think there is a more original wedding gift out there. I highly recommend it”


Jay - Knoxville, Tennessee

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